For High Ticket Coaches & Course Creators :

As Your "Back-End Partners" We'll 3X The Value Of Your Front-End Leads Using The "Birds Eye Trifecta" So You Can Become The "Go-To Industry Expert"

We'll Help You Squeeze Out More Profit Per Lead & Tighten Up Your Operations So You Can Remove Yourself From The Day-To-Day

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Who Is This For?

Who We Partner With

  • Businesses who sell high-ticket courses, coaching, and masterminds in the B2C space (health/fitness, dating/relationship, make money online/biz-opp).

  • You must be an expert in your field and have a validated offer... This means you already have client testimonials, news articles, and/or a strong personal brand

  • You are looking for a "back end" marketing and sales partner who you can scale with whilst saving time & money.

  • You want a done-for-you solution so you can focus on being the face of your brand, and are willing/able to invest in services to rapidly scale your business.

Who We Don't Partner With

  • Local Service Businesses, or Ecommerce Brands that sell physical products or need more foot traffic/leads.

  • Coaches who are yet to validate their offer via either organic methods or paid traffic. We only work with experts.

  • ​Business owners and entrepreneurs who micromanage, nitpick, and are not motivated to move fast when it's time to scale

We're Trusted By...

Colin Yurcisin

Founder of Leveraged Lifestyle LLC

Faith "Black Bezos" Mabelwanga

CEO, Event Reselling Masterclass

Josh Goldstein

CEO, Josh Goldy Fitness LLC

Mike The Businessman

CEO, MTB Car Rental Academy

Lauren Zoeller

CEO, Aligned Love Collective

Gabe Souza

CEO @ AVANCO Training

"I was sick of hiring agencies...but these guys are legit...they're the real deal, easy to work with" - Josh Pather (2CCX Award Winner)

Discover How We Broke This Coaches Previous RECORD-HIGH Revenue Month By Over 300% (Within Just 3 Weeks Of Working With Him)...

"The amount of value is so immense, it's a no brainer...sign the dotted line" - Mike The Businessman

"After working with a few other teams... I can CONFIDENTLY say that you guys are the best team I've ever worked with!' - Colin Yurcisin

"working With Client Catalyst Has Been A Life Changing Experience... Levels Above All of The other Agencies I've Worked With!" - Black Bezos

The "Birds-Eye Trifecta" 🦅 We Use To Consistently Sky Rocket Growth In Traffic and Conversions For Info-Businesses

Want To See Some More Proof?

385% Increase In Revenue From A 3 Week Organic Launch

527% Year Over Year Growth For A Dating Coach

$12,906 To $105,961 In 5 Months Via Weekly Live Webinars

824% Increase In Email Revenue In 30 Days

What Do You Offer?

Here's a summary :

We’ll repackage and optimise your current offer with:

Sales Funnel Strategy , Design and Integrations

Paid ads

Email marketing (includes daily campaigns, automations and promos)

Optimise your entire sales process to ensure you turn those qualified calls into cash collected

What Is Your Pricing Structure?

We have a one time set up fee.

After that we work on a 100% commission basis receiving a % of revenue we bring in for you.

Why Are You So Sure We Should Work Together?

Quite frankly, we aren't. We vet all of our partners as we want to be sure we can guarantee results.

To make sure we both stand to benefit, we need to see if we're a good fit during the intro call.

We need to be sure that we divert our resources to offers that have potential

That's why it's important to have this call to determine if this partnership has the potential to be profitable for both of us.

You Can Book A Call To See If We're A Good Fit!

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